16 November 2015

Canstruction 2015

Hi there! Over the weekend, I went to CANSTRUCTION. It's a design competition and exhibition featuring teams of architects, engineers, and contractors who build structures made entirely out of cans of food. These are displayed in a public place (Brookfield Place in New York City) and are later donated to City Harvest.

Here are some of my favorites:

"Ask the Magic 8 Ball"

"The Butterfly Effect"

Another angle of "The Butterfly Effect"; it's based on the idea that a single butterfly flappings it's wings on one side of the globe can start a hurricane on the other.

"Scare Hunger Away" (Ghosts are imaginary, hunger is real)

"Spanning the Hungry Rapids" 
(Together, we can make hunger water under the bridge)

"What's up, Doc?"

"BatCAN: A signal to end hunger"

"Tony the Turtle Knocks-out Hunger"

"Time to Derail Hunger" (The clock at Grand Central Station)

"Leave Hunger in a Fog"

"Pipe Down Hunger" (featuring Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers)

"Yoshi's Soup'er Mission" (another one featuring Yoshi)

"Feeding Our Future"

"Presidential Candidates: Donald Trump"

"Presidential Candidates: Kanye West"

"To Canfinity and Beyond"

"To Canfinity and Beyond" (detail)

"Taking a Byte out of NYC Hunger"

Cans for a good cause? I think it's blah to TADA!

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