09 November 2015

Just Some Handmade Gifts

How was everyone's weekend? I got some handmade gifts from a dear friend at work:

My friend's nickname for me is "Claire Bear" that's why it's extra meaningful that she gave me this little sweetheart teddy bear. His arms are stretched out, ready for an embrace. 

She also gave me a hat, a scarf, and hand warmers in two of my favorite colors: black and Tiffany blue. They are perfect for the coming winter. 

Her lovely Mom made all of these. I wish I could knit like her. You know that I'm a frustrated knitter

Handmade gifts...I think they are TADA!

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  1. Hello Claire ! I am not a good knitter either but I have found a world of possibilities with knitting looms. Your projects come out looking professional from the first time, and depending on the way you wrap your yarn is the stitch you get. There are round looms for hats and rectangular looms for scarfs and other things. I have used them even with plarn to make purses. You should try them, they are addictive. Have a nice day and thank you for inspiring us with all of your projects and beautiful pictures.


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