06 August 2018

Travel Tags

August. It's summer where I live and it's travel season!

I saw this at an airport and I thought it would be a cute craft idea:

These are travel tags or ID tags for your luggage. I think it would be easy to recreate using an ID sleeve. Just tuck in a favorite photograph with your contact information at the back (in case your bags get lost) and TADA!, instant luggage tag.

Here's a version I made:

I would use wire rings so that the tag is more sturdy given all the abuse luggage goes through getting from the ground to the plane and vice versa.

I found an excuse to rifle through my stash of scrapbook paper. 

I choose this cheerful lemon print.

I cut it to size, added my information, and put them inside the plastic sleeves.

I'll be able to spot my luggage from far away. Kids can use this on their bags for back-to-school season, too.

Old ID badges now have new life. TADA!

Happy travels ya'all!


  1. Lemon print . . . you have the most cheerful crafts!

    1. Awww, thank you for your encouragement, Priscilla!


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