13 August 2018

Used Postal Stamps

I've waxed romantic of my love for snail mail. What's not to love? An envelope arrives in your mailbox and inside it is a carefully chosen card or stationery, with handwritten words from someone who cares about you! And then it's taken to the post office...just the start of this letter's journey. 

I love snail mail so much that I've even kept the postage stamps! These are little pieces of art, a snapshot of history, and currency all rolled into one. Without them, the letter or package would never arrive.

Today, I'm using some of these stamps for something practical and extends the life of these cancelled stamps. 

First up, an empty plastic box.

Lay-out the stamps on top of the box and once you're satisfied with their placement, carefully stick them on using all purpose glue.

Allow this to dry.

The Simpsons, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Very Hungry Catterpillar, Spiderman, Plastic Man, Gingerbread House, Aladdin
I added a layer of dimensional magic glue for a glossy and raised look (this is an optional step).

And here is what the box looks like. It's ready to store desk supplies or small fashion accessories...TADA!


  1. I like this idea. If you ever come across a tiny box, you could use just one stamp and make a trinket box.


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