20 August 2018

A Bundle of Fun

Hey guys! Today's craft is inspired by these little bundles:

They're filled with all sorts of fragrant and luxurious bath products. Perfect for gifts because they're already wrapped!

TADA! Here is my version. 

I used the Japanese art of furoshiki using a bandana. A vintage handkerchief is another option, too.

When it's unwrapped, here's what you'll see inside.

I followed a Japanese theme. There's a face mask, a very useful book that I want to pass along, green tea, some panda-shaped biscuits and a chocolate bar. TADA!

I hope my friend who receives this will agree that it is a bundle of fun!


  1. I love how your mind thinks. You've managed to meld the gift with the theme of the wrapping. I've read the book too. It's good!

  2. Hi Priscilla! I always love a theme -- from meals, to outfits, to crafting! :-)


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