03 September 2018

Pile on the Flowers

I believe in second chances! I believe that ugly ducklings have the potential to be swans! That's why I like to give bags and pouches a make-over:

Here I am again, turning an empty pouch from blah to TADA! 

This was a freebie from my husband's travels. All the contents like personal care products, socks, and a sleep mask have been used. And still, this pouch...it deserves a transformation.

I had these decoupage flowers left-over from this project.

I used them to embellish the top of the pouch (attached with a very light layer of fabric glue underneath).

Doesn't it look festive, already?

And the zipper pull. We musn't forget that!

A pretty tassel, perhaps?

The pink one is perfect!

The pouch is the ideal size for urban sketching supplies.

Another day, another pouch...TADA! Thank you for reading!


  1. How fun. This would be a nice craft project for a teen girls' sleepover party. Love the tassel zipper pull.

  2. Hi Priscilla! I'm all for crafting at sleepovers, birthday parties, camp, etc. That's my idea of FUN! :-)


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