15 October 2018

How to Make a Pin Cushion

Do you like to sew? Or maybe you know a few friends who enjoy sewing. Well, a pin cushion is an essential tool to have on hand.

Today, let me show you how to make one.

This project is a smart way to use fabric remnants. This orange linen was left over from an embroidered botanical wall art.  I just cut two rectangles out of it.

Because the fabric looks a little blah, I'm adding a print using a craft stamp and ink pad.

This simple design adds some character already. 

Pin the two rectangles together (print facing inside).

And stitch around it by hand or with a sewing machine but make sure to leave a half-an-inch opening.

Turn the fabric inside out and push the corners out with a pencil. Stuff this with fiberfill through the opening and close the hole with handstitching.

And here is our pretty pin cushion...TADA!


Your comments are very much appreciated!