08 October 2018

Zip It Up

Whoever invented zip-top bags is a hero in my book! I use them for all around storage and they're handy for travel. 

I thought, maybe, there would be ways to prolong its one-time use. Here's an idea:

Cut off the zipper part of the bag. Clean it with soap and hot water, and let it dry completely. 

With this, we'll make a zip-top gift bag...TADA!

I used scrapbook paper but you can use gift wrap remnants or old magazine pages. 

Measure the paper to match the size of the zip top (adding a quarter to half an inch margin).

Fold the paper in half and make a crease. Add some glue to close the paper's edges and attach the paper to the zip top.

See, it looks like a bag now. Allow the glue dry for several minutes.

Then bring out the washi tape! And the stickers!

And the craft stamps, ink pads, and watercolor!

And fill it with cute stationery to give to your best buddy...TADA!


  1. With the plastic problem that we have in the world, this is a terrific idea to re-use and re-purpose at least part of it. Great thinking!

  2. Thanks Rochelle! I'm trying to lessen my use of plastic...it's a challenge especially with how stuff is packaged for convenience. We're all in this together!

  3. This is BRILLIANT! It's unique and a good way to reuse produce zip-top bags, and I love how you added the watercolor flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for always cheering me on, Priscilla!

  5. Finally a blog spot from Pinterest that has new information and not things posted from 100 years ago! I will continue to be a blah to Ta da fan! Love the zip top bag idea!


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