29 October 2018

Halloween Gift Bags

Hello guys! Because it's the season of critters and candy, a Halloween craft is but appropriate.

It's a kid-friendly one where they can stamp, stamp, stamp to their heart's content.

All we need are a paper bag (saved from a shopping trip), Halloween-themed craft stamps, and a black ink pad.

Just press the image all over the bag and add some fancy lettering (you can put the child's name, too).

Use this bag to collect candy on Halloween or fill it with treats to give away...TADA! 

Here's one the I made last year, or this one and this one from a few years back. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. We have so few trick-or-treaters that I could fancy up little bag give-aways because I'd only have to make a dozen, not two hundred. Your pumpkin stamps are cute, but I LOVE your spider stamps!

    1. Thanks Priscilla! I got them on clearance...TADA! Enjoy your Halloween :)


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