01 October 2018

Power Words

Whenever I visit a bookstore or a gift shop, I can't help but stop at the "Quotable" rack.

The positive words and good vibes serve as a much needed pep talk.

"Quotable" started as a collection of greeting cards and over the years, the line has expanded to include magnets, notebooks, and mugs.

Eleanor Roosevelt
They also have these cute square pouches.

They're functional and a powerful daily reminder.

With this as inspiration, I'm turning this plain pouch from blah to TADA!

I bought it ready made. The exterior is made of linen and the inside has a bright print. 

I made some lines as a guide.

Then I drew some freehand fonts.

I originally wanted to use ink (ex. fabric pens) but I was afraid of mistakes that I couldn't erase. Instead, I used embroidery.

My pouch says "What you make matters". It's a quote I got from the #100DayProject. It's an affirmation I return to whenever I'm experiencing self doubt.

blah to TADA
I made a little tassle with the leftover thread.

blah to TADA
Here is my hand-embroidered pouch...TADA!

How about you, what are your favorite quotes?


  1. Hey Claire, long time no "talk". I love your quote, especially as I remember your 100 Day Project journey. Quite happy to learn of the origin of that "yesterday/tomorrow/today" quote ("that's why they call it the "present")... I heard it from Master Oogway on Kung Fu Panda! And one of my favourite quotes (also from that wise old tortoise) is "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."

    Nice job on the script, by the way. Hmm... maybe I should try some embroidery.

    1. Hi Rochelle! I hope you are well! Thank you for sharing these quotes...a great way to start the week and a new month. :-)

  2. I love your pouch! I like it better than the machine-printed products, too, because having something handmade always makes it special.

    1. Awww, Priscilla! It took longer but it has a handmade touch! ;)


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