19 November 2018

Simple Living and Easy Napkin Ties

Kinfolk is a magazine that I've followed for many years now because of their clean, calm aesthetic and back-to-basics approach to living. I discovered that they have books, too!

One of the books is The Kinfolk Home featuring houses from all over the world that embody slow living. They define slow living as "an ethos that encourages us to reclaim our time and devote it to whatever brings us joy and meaning." It also means, "cultivating community, simplifying our lives, and reclaiming our leisure time."

The photography is beautiful and the profiles are thoughtful. It makes me want to redecorate! 

These homes have a lot of natural light and are filled with meaningful objects.

They use a neutral palette and there are a lot of accents made from wood and other natural materials.

They use plants inside and outdoors. 

Rooms are clutter-free.

Entertaining at home is also non-fussy. 

It's more about togetherness instead of "putting on a show" with fancy food and table settings.

Inspired by what I saw and read in these pages, I'd like to share this blah to TADA! idea with you.

These are paper bag handles but you're welcome to use any cord, twine or ribbon. 

We'll re-use these as napkin ties.

Simply roll up a napkin with the cord underneath it.

Slip the ends into the loop...

 Then pull to tighten.

Now, we've got an elegant accent for a Mininimalist table setting for every day or the coming holidays...TADA!


  1. I poked around on Kinfolk's website. They do have a beautiful aesthetic. Your napkin ties would be perfect in one of their images.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Claire!

  2. Awww...thanks! I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, Priscilla!


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