12 November 2018

An Ode to Flea Markets

The thrill of the hunt.

That's the reason I love flea markets and thrift stores.

Sure, they can be viewed as other's people junk.

But one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

And the nostalgia...

A reminder of a simpler time.

There are also a load of useful notions for sewing and crafting.

And items that can be used for interior or graphic design.

Records...they never went away even in the age of digital downloads. 

And lots of china and pottery...very, very hygge!

Because the goods are unique in each market, this sign is a good reminder (no one wants to suffer long term regret). 

In every new place I visit, you know where to find me. See you there!


  1. Flea markets are a blast! I like going to a flea market in a town I'm visiting for the first time, always new finds.

  2. High Five Priscilla! Here's to shared loves :)


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