05 November 2018

A Needle-felted Acorn

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today.  

Have you ever tried needle felting? I'm quite an amateur with only this craft and this project to show for.

Because we're deep in the months of Autumn, I thought making a few acorns was appropriate:

It's a good excuse to practice some felting.

All we need are a felting needle, wool roving, a felting block, and an acorn cap (picked up from the sidewalk).

The goal is to make the wool smaller. The stabbing motion of the needle lets the fibers "stick together". 

Look! This resembles a ball now. Keep working with the needle to form an acorn shape.

Attach the wool to the acorn cap with hot glue and we've got these acorns...TADA!

Make a few of these and put them in a jar or small bowl to serve as seasonal decor for your coffee table or mantle. 

Or you can make this...
An acorn pendant!

Attach jump rings/pendant findings to the top of the acorn (secure with super glue) and string this through a chain.

Who wouldn't love a fairy tale acorn necklace like this one? TADA!


  1. They'd look so good on a Thanksgiving table-scape. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I always appreciate your enthusiasm for my crafts, Priscilla! Thank you :)


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