24 June 2019

Treasures from the Trash: A Chalkboard Easel

Hey guys, look at what I found in the trash:

It's a chalkboard easel!

One side has a chalkboard 

The other side has a whiteboard 

On top there's room for a roll of drawing paper and there are shelves to put all the drawing materials one could possibly need.

It just needed some cleaning up. Sadly, I didn't take it home -- I just don't have the space for it. But if I did, here are some ideas to turn this chalkboard easel from blah to TADA! 

How to turn kids' playrooms into creative spaces to maximize their ingenuity and stimulate their artistic ability.
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Clean it up and paint it in a new color. Use it to dress up a small corner as a child's creativity space.

IKEA Hack, Kids room IKEA hack, paint an IKEA chalkboard with chalk paint
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Use the chalkboard easel as an inspiration board in a craft room or a vision board in a home office. 

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Use it to welcome guests at your next party...TADA!

Menu chalkboard easel for a wedding
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Turn it into a menu board for your next potluck. Decorate the shelf with flowers that guests can take home afterwards.

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Here's another menu board idea for "Taco Night".

Creative use of a child's chalkboard easel as signage (painting it red and adding silk flowers are a great idea).
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Use it to invite potential customers into a local shop or booth at the craft fair...TADA!

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Or use the chalk board easel to display your merchandise at the farmer's market or craft show.

Maybe you have some furniture that need a new lease on life? Turn them from blah to TADA!


  1. I think using it as an inspiration board in a craft room (or a sewing room, hey!) is a great idea.

    1. I agree! Thanks Priscilla for always stopping by :)


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