04 November 2019

A Clever Way to Store Ribbon

I stumbled upon a memorable quote: "I am a crafter therefore I hoard."

It's so true! If I were to pack all my craft materials and tools, I'd easily fill up three large suitcases. That's because I keep a lot of scrap which I love to turn from blah to TADA!

One of the things I hoard, er, keep, is ribbon. I used to leave them in their spools and stuffed these in clear zip-top bags. But this method, I realized, took up a lot of space.

Here's how I consolidated my stash:

I wrapped them around cardboard! TADA!

And the cardboard is recycled -- empty gift boxes, tissue containers, and food cartons. Double TADA!

I grouped like and like together: twine, lace, wire-edged, cord, and plain ribbon segregated by color and thickness.

Oh the sense of satisfaction I feel! That deserves another TADA!


  1. It looks a LOT more tidy than my messy drawer of jumbled ribbon spools and saved scraps!

    1. Thanks Priscilla! Mine really started as a mess but I had to find a way -- this one is pretty simple and it's been working well!

  2. Brilliant. I have mine stuffed into a large lidded glass container. Pretty to look at but a pain to find anything and of course it is crumpled. One question for you, how do you secure the ends so everything stays tidy?

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment Goze! I tape both ends of the ribbon to secure it in place. :)


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