11 November 2019

Shopping in my Closet : A Fall Outfit

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Just this summer, I introduced a new section in my blog called "Shopping in My Closet." This exercise helps us take stock of what we have and bring new life to clothes, shoes, and accessories we haven't worn in a while.

Today, I've assembled an outfit fit for Autumn.

Let's start with a plaid shirt. I bought this on sale but it was hidden underneath a stack of shirts that I forgot that I even had it.  

Wearing it with jeans is an easy match.

Then I'll layer on with a tan jacket that I've owned for about two decades now (talk about a classic closet staple)!   

Add warm socks and a cute pair of shoes...TADA! 

I'm ready for fall ya'll!

Have you shopped in your closet recently? Tell me what nice things you found!


  1. Fabulous look! I keep a minimalist closet, so there's not much to "shop" for in there, but Saturday my daughter gave me a new tee in an autumn orange, and I'm wearing it right now.:-)

    1. An autumn orange shirt sounds awesome, Priscilla! What a sweet daughter you have! :)


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