25 November 2019


Autumn is an ideal time to craft. All warm and cozy indoors with the leaves outside the window as an inspiring color palette.

Shops also carry seasonal crafting materials like these rubber stamps. 

This is my favorite stamp of the lot.

I glued it to a leaf that I collected from a walk in the park. I pressed it between two books to keep it flat.

Then I glued the leaf to a blank greeting card...TADA!

Thankful this season. Thankful throughout the year.

Here's another set of stamps.

I chose the apple to make my own stickers (I used round adhesive labels).

Then turned it into an envelope seal...TADA!

I'm Thankful that you always stop by to visit me here!


  1. Eeek, the pressed leaf "thankful" is SO clever. You come up with such creative ideas!

    1. You are the sweetest, Priscilla! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


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