14 December 2020

Felt Gift Toppers

The holidays are here and as much as I think of thoughtful presents to give away, I also contemplate gift packaging. I'd like them to be pretty and ecologically responsible. I usually go for paper (gift wrap, bags and cards) with reusable elements.

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I saw this gift embellishment at a shop. It's a gift topper made to look like holly (made of felt) and berries (made of jingle bells) with a card and an elastic belly band to fit any kind of gift box. It's adorable! 

Instead of buying it, I'm making my own. Why buy, when I can D.I.Y.?

Since I didn't have elastic on hand, I'm using these wooden clothespins.

I used felt remnants to make the berries and holly leaves, and attached everything on the clothespin using a hot glue gun. They're similar to these gift clips I made a few weeks ago.

Clip it on a gift as a festive accent.

Use it to hold a card in place instead of tape.

It's an alternative to ribbon and it can be used over and over again...TADA!

Little touches that turn packages from blah to TADA!


  1. I like your version better, and they're so functional on a gift bag because of the clothes pin. Super cute!

    1. Thank you for always being so supportive of my work, Priscilla!


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