21 December 2020

Hand-painted Ornaments

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to admire the shop windows along New York City's 5th Avenue. They are always decked out and you don't need to purchase a thing to feel the holiday spirit. I'm not sure if I'll be able to see them this year because of Covid precautions but maybe we can take a look back.

A few years ago, the Dolce and Gabbana flagship store had these huge trees with larger-than-life bows.  

Hanging on the branches were these colorful ornaments. 

I made sure to take these photos as a reference for a future craft project:

Aren't they lovely? I thought these hand-painted ornaments brought a very homey touch to a commercial space. 

Well, I thought I'd try my hand making them.

I found these clear plastic balls from the craft store. I re-purposed an empty egg carton to hold them steady while I painted them. 

I used acrylic paint and a small brush.

via State Symbols USA
I love painting flowers and I couldn't help choosing flowers to paint on my ornament. The rose is the National Flower of the USA where I currently live. Aren't roses so regal?

Here is my interpretation of a rose. 

And I added a few rose buds.

I likewise added some details like leaves...TADA! 

via Choose Philippines
I also chose this flower, the Sampaguita, the National Flower of the Philippines where I was born. They are delicate and very fragrant. 

My version of the Sampaguita.

With a few buds painted, too.

With the addition of some leaves, a plain plastic ornament has been transformed from blah to TADA!  

I've always been drawn to ornaments with personal meanings. 

Hand-painted ornaments
And I'm excited to add these to my collection...TADA!


  1. These are lovely, and now I know the national flower of the Philippines.:-) Have a peaceful, happy Christmas, Claire!

    1. Thank you Priscilla! I wish you and your family a safe and memorable Christmas!


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