07 December 2020

A LOVE-ly Birch Ornament

Hello! If you've been following my blog, you know that I fancy making my own Christmas ornaments. I've made some here, here, and here

A few years back, I came across these Scandinavian-inspired wooden tree decorations:

heart shaped wooden ornament, Christmas tree, Nordstrom decorations

heart shaped wooden ornament, Christmas tree, Nordstrom decorations
I love the simplicity and color-blocking, I decided to make something like it myself!

I used this piece of unfinished birch wood as my base. 

I traced around a cookie cutter to make a perfect heart.

Some strips of washi tape or painter's tape to segment the heart. 

Then I added different colors of paint in each segment:

 Peel off the tape.

Add a border detail to define the shape.

Another handmade ornament that I can add to my tree this year...TADA!

Hand-painted birch ornament
Have an awesome week!


  1. It's adorable! My friend made me a similar one except it was a star instead of a heart.

    1. Thank you, Priscilla! Don't you love handmade gifts from friends?!

    2. Yes, I do. I treasure the time and love that went into them.:-)


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