13 August 2009

Cool Cuff

We're recycling tape-related things this week, from dispensers to those plastic rings left after all the tape has been used up. Today, let's throw in packing tape to the mix. I think the cardboard ring is a fun thing to jazz up!

Doesn't this cry out B-A-N-G-L-E?

It might be too big for your wrist, though (we want people to say "How cute!" and not "Why are you wearing tape around your arm?"). An easy solution is to trim the cardboard with a knife until you've achieved the ideal bangle size.

Cover the board with a piece of fabric and secure with hot glue.

Overlap the ends for a snug fit on the wrist
and accessorize as you please!

I used a frog closure (also attached with hot glue) for a Victorian or Asian touch. You can add silver studs and a shiny skull for a rocker look. Use colorful printed fabric for a bohemian vibe or a strip of faux diamonds so you can wear this to your next formal event.

Tada! A special bangle that's not available at any store!


  1. Ooh I love this one! So creative.

  2. What great idea.

    Thank you for your lovely comment and visiting my blog.

  3. Hey Claire! What a cute site and oh-so-clever ideas! I love it!! :)

  4. Welcome to my blog Amy, Teresa & Gracie! Glad you like the ideas...happy crafting!

  5. Thanks Sooz -- I hope you can make one, too =)

  6. super cute!!! love the black/white look: classy.

  7. I think the biggest compliment I could give you is to say, "Tada!"

  8. Ahh!! Soo CUTE!!!! :)

    Maybe even an arm bracelet for ones with skinny arms?

  9. This is such a good idea. I always put duck tape rolls around my wrist when I'm using it, but never thought of making it into an actual bracelet when it's gone.


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