25 September 2022

Sidewalk Furniture: A Bunch of Chairs

Oh New York City! Your streets are filled with treasures! But the word "treasure" is relative, right?

Here are the treasures that I'm talking about:

French chairs, ladder-back chairs, French arm chair

Free chairs ya'all!

If I had extra storage space like a garage or a basement, all these would have gone home with me. Sigh.

Let's pretend I have them in my possession. I'll show you ways on how I would turn them from blah to TADA!

A little description on these classic chairs: 

                Chair Number 1: French ladder-back chair with rush seating

                Chair Number 2: French cane-back arm chair

Because they are in pretty good condition, I would just clean and polish them and not change anything except for the upholstery.

Curations Limited Vintage Louis  Antique Black Arm Chair
via Pinterest

I'll keep it simple by using a linen fabric in a light beige or wheat color.

Or I would use French stripe linen and some toile that'll instantly whisk me away to the countryside:

toile, French strip linen upholstery
via Miss Mustard Seed

a french chair a grain sack and a stencil, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, reupholster
via Pinterest

painted grain sack stripes and ticking fabric on an old Goodwill chair
via Pewter and Sage

Butaca estampada de lino Casanova
via Pinterest

The following chairs don't have the history of the first two but they are functional nonetheless:

I can keep the existing color or paint them in a neutral shade. 

Grain Sack Chair,  Knick of Time,
via Knick of Time

But I'll definitely add a seat cushion also in the French stripe fabric.

I would likewise experiment with stenciled grain sack fabric like these ones:

Great tutorial to redo a chair into chic design
via Reloved Rubbish Blog

Antique occasional chair, reupholstered in a soft linen with a French stencil added.
via Pinterest

antique Thonet bent wood chair, seat with antique linen and French stencil burlap. รข‚¬138.00, via Etsy.
via Pinterest

I hope you liked these ideas that transform old furniture from "blah to TADA!" Maybe you can do the same with yours?

But if you must get rid of your furniture, please do so responsibly to keep them away from the landfill. Consider donating them to worthy causes: Habitat for Humanity ReStore, The Salvation Army, Goodwill or at a thrift shop or charity store near where you live.


  1. I have a sidewalk chair. It was rain-damaged and sad, but after sanding and a few coats of paint, it's now my favorite chair in the house!

    1. Priscilla! I love your rescue story so, so much! What a lucky chair :)


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