09 September 2019

Stickers for Snail Mail

I love stickers! I can spend a good amount of time at the sticker aisle in the craft store. I like to use them for card making and gift wrapping

I also use them to embellish envelopes for mailing.  

These are some stickers that I made recently. I turned a blank sheet of adhesive paper from blah to TADA! 

I used these rubber stamps with a vintage vibe.

I dug up other travel-themed stamps that I received as gifts.  

I used letter stamps to spell out words.

Luggage back then was very heavy and didn't have wheels. Whew! That would have been a workout. However, I do love the stickers that were attached to luggage at every new port. What a nice souvenir. 

And here's my adhesive page all filled up...TADA!

I simply cut out what I need to turn a plain envelope from blah to TADA!


  1. Whoever receives your letters must be thrilled when they see your cool envelopes in the mailbox!

    1. I hope so! Thanks for always leaving me a comment, Priscilla!


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