12 May 2009

Creative Crossword

We're putting the Tada! in letter writing this week and I'm giving a shout-out to all the crossword puzzle lovers out there. You know who you are: your heart beats faster as you skim the headlines, the op-eds, the comics...until you see the page with squares within a square. Then you scramble for a pen so you can fill those spaces with both mind boggling and lovely words.

But if you're not into crossword puzzles, this page of the newspaper is but a blah...

Here's how we can make it into a Tada!:

Turn it into stationery!
This is an envelope crafted from the crossword section & a sheet of paper.

Here's the greeting card made from a smaller crossword puzzle mounted on bright-colored construction paper.

To add to the fun, have the recipient fill in some boxes to spell out a message (ex. You are such a great & awesome buddy).

A few words + a personal touch = a happy friend.


  1. That is such a cute idea!

    Great blog.

  2. My girls would get a kick out of this. They are always writing me letters and leaving them around the house...I think I'll use this idea and leave them around their room!

  3. That's a sweet tradition you share with your kids! I hope you'll continue it even when they grow up =) Thanks for stopping by Dani!

  4. this is super cute!

  5. Hi Anna Lindsey! Hope Grandma likes it =)


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