28 May 2009

For a Little Girl's Locks

These are left-over fabric from last week's T-shirt transformations. They may be small but they're big help as we make our own hair accessories! Just by cutting, sewing and gluing...our blah is now a Tada!:

Dainty clips that any little girl will love!


  1. we're going to make t-shirt pillows and bags this summer...and i'm so excited about this too! ella will have lots of original hair things for school next year!

  2. Hi Dani! I hope Ella will catch the recycling bug, too! Happy crafting =)

  3. You are my hero. Would it be possible for you to Blad to Tada my entire house? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Ashlee! No one has ever called me a HERO before -- wow, thanks! I'll fashion my suit from recycled bits & pieces =)


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