01 May 2009

More than just a Jar

I found this lovely vintage jar at a thrift store in Manhattan. I haven't used it yet. Maybe I'll start a collection of different sizes. Or maybe I can give it away.

I can fill it with my own personal blend of herbs & spices. I can already think of food-loving friends who will get a kick out of receiving this -- just in time for grilling season!

I can also fill it with colorful candy-coated chocolates to cheer up a buddy with the blues. Doesn't chocolate make everything better?

I've seen similar bottles in supermarkets & specialty food stores that contain sea salt, peppercorns or sprinkles. When the contents are used up,
pour in little gifts (edible or not) and pass it on to someone you care about.

Gifts that don't cost much, those that are environmentally-responsible and gifts that are personal
are often the ones remembered, appreciated and simply keep on giving.

Here's wishing you a healthy, happy
Tada! weekend!


  1. Hey Claire, I am a fan of these too... I have a few of them vintage jars in my bathroom with cotton balls and other goodies. They are VERY useful and pretty. I DO love your idea of putting candy in them and give away... happy weekend!!!

  2. hi claire! these are such cute ideas. i always love different kinds of glass jars, but i end up hording them instead of putting them to use. thanks for the tips. (and thanks for stopping by my blog, i hope you enjoy the savory scones!)

  3. Wow, that's a Tada! job you are doing! I am already infinitely inspired by so many wonderful, creative ideas. Thank you for this!

  4. Your blog is ingenius.

  5. Hi Nuit, Anna, Anya & Georgie! Super thanks for the visit and leaving behind all those wonderful comments! Have a fun weekend =)

  6. What a great idea. I love collectting jars and have lots. I store anything and everything in them. The bigger ones I use for rice and pasta, the smaller ones for spices etc. You've got a great blog. Thank you for visiting mine.

  7. Hello Judy! Thank you for the visit! I'm happy to know you like jars, too. =)


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