18 May 2009


Hello Everyone! I hope you had a really nice weekend! This week on blah to Tada!, we're giving a bunch of T-shirts a make-over. I did a little spring cleaning recently and found some shirts that I haven't worn in ages but can't seem to give away. Does this ever happen to you? Sigh. So I came up with this idea because goodbye is not an option.

A favorite shirt tattered with tiny holes (beats me how that happened!).

Tada! My shirt is now a shoe bag!

I cut the shirt into two rectangles, sewed up the sides, attached a string (handle of a paper bag) on the open end and jazzed-up the front using trim from the sleeves. The owls & the tree branch are made from the collar. I even used the buttons for the owls' eyes!

Instead of sitting at the back of my closet, the "shoe bag formerly known as shirt" can join me whenever I travel!


  1. I can't sew yet (my mother in law is going to teach me this summer) so I'm putting this on my list. I've got a closet full of t-shirts! You make me smile every morning...just so you know.

  2. Hi Dani! It makes me happy that you stop by as often as you can...thanks for that! If you have the patience, you can easily sew this by hand =)

  3. i am loving this post Claire, I can't sew either but I can cut it and have my mom finish it for me ;) have a beautiful week and thanks for all the fabulous ideas!

  4. Wow, that's amazing! I love that you've made something new of the old

  5. Wow...you are VERY talented...great job :-)

  6. The owls are so cute! What a fantastic idea for recyling. Definately blah to ta-dah. You could make library bags too...

  7. I love it! I am a big fan of shoe bags. I like the idea of recycled ones.

  8. Claire,
    thanks for stopping by today.
    im continually impressed by your handiwork.
    have a good week.

  9. Hi Claire,
    You are so creative!! Many people recycle. You don't just recycle, you make really cool things out of used materials! Wow! Great that you're sharing all your ideas too. Thanks for dropping by my little blog and for your well-wishes :)

  10. Hello Nuit, Plush Palate, Nina, Christina, Ashlee, Jeanneoli, Heather & Cookie Cutter!
    Appreciate very much all your lovely notes!
    Thanks for visiting!

  11. this is absolutely adorable! I would have never thought it was once a shirt! I really love your blog!


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