21 May 2009

From Shirt to Skirt

When T-shirts don't fit anymore, passing them on as hand-me-downs are the easy and most practical solution. My version of "hand-me-downs", however, involves some tweaking making even the biggest T-shirt fit the smallest member of the family.

Once an adult's T-shirt...

...Now a baby skirt!

I was thinking of making a T-shirt for a toddler but I decided a little skirt would be easier. I didn't use a pattern -- I just winged it with a pencil and ruler. Another hand-me-down idea is to make pajama pants. You'll find the demo here.

Enjoy this tiny blah to Tada! project!


  1. That is precious! And recycled jersey fabric is so much easier to find and less expensive than trying to buy it new. I like to buy large size stuff on super clearance from Target and use that.

  2. Um... R U kidding me with this site??? It's FANTASTIC! You are bookmarked and I am ready to copy everything you do! LOVE this place... now I've got to go explore all your posts!

  3. Hi Nuit...thanks for being supportive of my first attempt at making baby clothes!

    Hello Ashlee! Thanks for the visit! I agree with you that new fabric can be pretty expensive. Ooooh, I love Target, too!

    Howdy Gillian...awww, blush! Thanks for the very sweet comment! Please -- let's all recycle together!

  4. Oh hi Whitney! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This skirt is too cute! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. You should have your own show. You are far more clever than Martha Stewart!

  6. That's such a ginormous compliment The Cottage Cheese! Blush! Thanks for coming by =)

  7. i love this idea!

  8. thank you for visiting us! you make the most wonderful things. so clever.


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