01 March 2010

Caffeine in a Bottle

Happy Monday & happy First day of March!

This week, we'll turn this drink bottle
from blah to TADA!

Peel off the sticker labels, replace the cap with a cork and TADA! -- it makes storing kitchen staples chic and cheerful.

Use it for beans, grains or rice and
a name tag.

How pretty these would look
on your
shelf or kitchen window!


  1. WOW! Great idea!! Could look real cute displayed also.

  2. Very cool! Where did you find those large corks??

  3. Thanks for visiting CFD! I got the corks at this store in New York City called Fishs Eddy (http://www.fishseddy.com/). I'm not sure if they sell it online but they are used as a cover for the diner white milk bottle that they also sell.

  4. this is so so smart! i love it! i think i will use this idea to hold buttons! thanks a ton!!

  5. Isn't fabulous how many bottles have such lovely shapes if we just open our eyes? I love our store brand salsa and Favorit preserves for the shapes of their jars

  6. Hi Virginia! Colorful buttons will find a lovely home in this jar :)

  7. Hi Melissa! Thanks for visiting :) Hooray for sexy bottles!

  8. I love harvest blend and store the leftover half bag in a jam jar. This is cuter!

  9. I love how you recycle...so creative and fun!!! I always enjoy seeing what you've been doing...thank you!

  10. Hi there Dragonridermom! That's right, you can store coffee beans (or ground coffee) in this bottle, too! Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Marfa! So happy you found my blog! Thanks for taking time to visit :)


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