30 November 2010

A Barrel of Wishes

Creating gift wrap solutions while recycling is hitting
two birds with one stone. And I'm trying to hit as
many birds as I can!

Today, this is what I'm recycling:

An empty, blah oatmeal container.

Tada! It's now a unique gift box with a cover!

All I did was to wrap the cylinder in felt
(or use decorative paper) and attach
some embroidered "wishes".

Use it to package food gifts like cookies & bars
or even bags of tea or coffee, bottles of jam or
small jars of spices & sea salt.


  1. Claire, you're amazing!
    I really love these ideas (today's and yesterday's). That is seriously thinking out of the box! :D

  2. this is such a great idea! you are so creative! thanks for visiting my blog :)


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