08 November 2010

Paper Bag Make-over

Last year, I challenged myself to find new
uses for this paper bag.

Well, I'm up for another paper bag make-over
since I've got a lot of them stashed in the
coat closet (I never throw them away!).

Blah: a white paper bag

Punch out circles using this helpful tool
or draw circles on the paper bag (with the aid
of a can) and cut away.

Tada! Gift tags that I can use for the holidays!

Decorate them in different ways.
{I used punched out paper that I glued on.}

But go ahead and add stickers, sequins, glitter
or have the kids draw on them.


  1. You are fabulous. I know I don't mention that enough...but you are!

  2. Hi Justine! This circle punch is one of my favorite crafty tools! Thanks for your comment :)

    Hello Melifaif! You are too kind! Thanks so much :)


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