17 November 2010

Cord + Chain

I've got the holidays on my mind.
So last week, I made a bunch of gift tags out of
this blah paper bag.

I used up the "paper" part of the bag,
and all that's left are the handles.

And you know what that calls for!

blah to Tada!

I turned it into a bracelet with the
help of a chain and some charms.

Inspired of course by Chanel.

I like how it's a bit classic and a bit rock & roll.


  1. you've got so great and simple ideas, that I always wonder: why I didn't make it up by myself?

  2. Gorgeous bracelet, Claire!
    Definetly 'out of the box' thinking:)

  3. Thanks for your comments Mnemonique, LacyHolly and Betty! The made me happy today! :)

  4. Hello Miss Papgena! Thank you for being ever so sweet! :)

  5. WOW!! What a beautiful bracelet!! :))

    Very ROCK'N'ROLL indeed!! Simply classy!!
    (In a rock'n'roll way!! *wants it*!! :))

    And I don't even *wear* bracelets, lol!!

    Was the chain premade or did you gizmo it up?

  6. Thanks Layla! The chain was really a plain bracelet. I just added some charms. :)

  7. Has anyone ever told you how amazing you are? After reading what you're thankful for, I have to say that I'm thankful God made you the way He did and that you share that beauty with others!
    Any time I need any inspiration, I stop by...wish I visited more, but time doesn't afford me that liberty!
    Thank you for being you!

  8. Duane, your note made me smile from ear to ear and I'll have this smile plastered on the whole day, the whole month even! Sharing my ideas is the primary goal of this blog and I'm glad I'm able to fulfill it. Thanks, thanks, thanks Duane! Hugs! :)


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