10 November 2010

Note Worthy

I'm giving new life to an old, blah paper bag this week.

Even the letters from the brand name can be used.

Tada! Mini note cards with an initial.

The card is an unlined index card decorated in front
with gift wrap and scrapbook paper remnants,
topped with the letter cut-out.

I'm giving these to my dear friend Arlene.
Oh, I should make a set for Aileen, too.
And Annie.
And Angela also.

Uh-oh, I've got to get started!
See you tomorrow.


  1. Claire...I don't know what to say to you...where do you get your ideas? and how come you find allways something to surprise us?
    I trully never thought on this, use the letters from a paper bag...

  2. Thanks, thanks Miss Papgena! I'm very happy to share ideas and I'm even more happy that you find these ideas useful and inspiring. There's always treasure from trash! :)

  3. You rock !!! I am amazed to see how creative a mind can be and its you here...


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