05 November 2010

Paper Pompoms

Extra cupcake liners hiding in your cupboard.
Can you relate?

You could bake with them again.
Or you craft with them!

Blah but cute.

Tada! and cuter!

Fashion them into pompoms by
bunching up & stapling the ends,
attaching them together with hot glue
and finishing off with string.

Do the same with these paper liners -- left over
from an empty box of truffles.

More pompoms in a different color.

Hang them on your desk or a window sill
to add some fun & festivity to an
ordinary day!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Good excuse to eat those truffles fast..mmm, I like that idea:)
    Thank you Claire for showing us various things to do with cupcake liners this week. I love how you come up with ordinary things and make something extraordinary with them.

  2. Hello Betty! Your comment truly, truly made my day! Thanks so much. Hugs! :)

    Thanks for your visit Caroline! :)

  3. Reusing truffle wrappers?! Very cool!

  4. Thanks Delia! Got to warn you -- they have a faint chocolate scent. :) Temptation at its best!

  5. i love the pompom idea! can imagine a whole roomful of them in various different colours!

  6. Thanks for your visit Miss Heavenwildfleur! A pompom-filled room is so dreamy! Makes for a great party space :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by at Fun.kyti.me!
    i see we had the same idea!!

  8. Thanks also Sibylle for stopping by! Pompoms are LOVE! :)


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