13 January 2012

All in the Mind

A creative soul made this print & sells it on Etsy.
It's so positive that I'm not surprised
why it's been re-incarnated in
different media.

Believe & achieve my lovelies!
Have an awesome weekend, too.


  1. I'm liking all the thoughts you shared here, Claire! This one today really spoke to me.

  2. A great thought to start the day with!

  3. I love this! Quotes are the best! I texted myself a bunch of inspirational quotes last night so I could read them this morning before running a 10k. Wish I had seen this one earlier but it's great post run too! Thanks for the great quote!

  4. Hello Sam...hope your day was lovely!

    Hi Becca Ray...I bet you had an exciting run!

    Thanks for dropping by ladies :)


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