20 January 2012

Pantry Inventory

Hey, hey, happy Friday!

This week, I shared some thoughts on being more eco-friendly at home. These are simple ideas that anyone can do. Today, it's all about food storage.

How's your pantry situation? I must admit, sometimes I forget what's in my pantry, so I'm left with food items past their expiration date. What a waste. Definitely blah!

My solution? Blah scrap paper!

I use the blank side of the paper to make a list of what's currently inside my pantry. I attach this list to the inside of my pantry door.

I do the same for the cupboards where I store kitchen & cleaning staples and bathroom necessities.

Same with the contents of my freezer & refrigerator.

Once I use up the items, I cross them off the list.

I add to the list whatever new item is introduced.

This way, I have a running inventory of food and the stuff lurking in the back of the freezer are not forgotten. This makes meal preparation easier {get creative with what you have on hand!}. Plus the crossed out items are what I need to get on my next trip to the market or grocery.

As an added detail, make a master list of pantry staples that you have and save it as a file on your computer or mobile phone. Refer to it when trying new recipes or planning meals -- it will instantly tell you what you have or don't have without having to rummage around. Update it regularly and allow it to help you avoid wasting food.

I wish you all a weekend full of fun & sunshine!


  1. It's very helpful Sandra! I hope you'll be able to use this. Thanks for visiting and happy weekend :)

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  3. The only food items that have true expiration dates are formula and baby food. All the dates you see everywhere else are "Best By" or "Sell By", etc. They are just a guideline, and those dates do not imply the food is bad or dangerous. We already waste 40% of food in this country, and tossing things out thinking they *might* be bad just exacerbates the problem.

  4. Thanks for the info Glo! That's good to know :)


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