17 January 2012

Spray away the Germs

Happy Tuesday! In the recent years, I've started to become more consciously afraid of germs because I know they can make you sick. I think I'm in the less extreme end of the germaphobe scale, since I don't mind handshakes {versus fist bumps} and I can still open public doorknobs without getting queasy.

I do have a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a pack of hand wipes in my bag. I use the hand sanitizer before and after eating, when I cough or sneeze or after I use the ATM. I use the hand wipes for instances like cleaning the tray tables on airplanes, the telephone and remote control devices in hotel rooms...you just never know who was there before you!

As mentioned in this post, I like to keep empty cosmetic bottles, clean them up and use them again. I'm doing the same for these blah fragrance spritz bottles.

I fill them with rubbing alcohol.

Here's my spray bottle, properly labeled. I use it at home to disinfect doorknobs and handles. I can also carry it in my bag as an alternative to sanitizer and wipes! TADA!

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