30 January 2012

Birthday Cards

Happy Monday Friends!

Do you still receive birthday cards? I'm ecstatic to say I still do. And because I love that feeling of being remembered and knowing all the trouble a friend went through to send that birthday card, I enjoy giving out birthday cards too. This week, I'll show you some of the ones I made, starting with this one:

blah: tissue paper remnants

blah: CD envelopes left over from this

Using a butterfly craft punch, I made a
symphony of butterflies out of
the tissue paper.

Then I put them {make a lot} inside the envelope. From this view, you can't quite decipher that the blue background -- they're butterfly cut-outs.

Adding a single, contrasting butterfly begs
the question, "Why only one?"

But when the envelope is opened,
this is the desired effect.

A bit messy, but doesn't the birthday girl deserve a
shower of confetti on her special day?

Add a small note in the flurry flutter and tell me if
that doesn't make anyone smile!


  1. Makes me smile and I'm sure my friends would smile too:) Great idea, Claire!

  2. Thank you Betty! I hope you are having a nice week :)


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