18 January 2012

Green and Clean

I'm trying to cut down on the cleaning products I use. This is not only environmentally responsible, it's money saving and frees up space in my cupboards, too.

Here's something I'm doing my best to
use less of: paper towels.

Even if they're made of recycled paper,
they're harder to break down compared
to other paper products. Blah!

I found these small towels at the dollar store.
I use them as cleaning rags.

Another option is to use your old, blah towels.

These are absorbent and the texture works wonderfully when scrubbing off nasty stains. Just throw them in the washing machine & then reuse them. TADA!


  1. Claire, my cleaning towels aren't as pretty as yours! I'm using old rags..they work:)

  2. I've never bought windows cleaning liquid again, after one day that I was without and remembered my Aunts cleaning their windows - and girl did they spark - with vinegar and newspaper.

    Desesperate times ask desesperate measures and I went for it. First I had a moment of panic thinking I'd never get rid of the vinegar smell but now I don't want other.

    Vinegar is in the pantry (handy, uh?) and less sheets of newspaper for recycle.

    I prefer cloth for cleaning, but thank you for the tip.

  3. Hi Betty! My towels won't be as bright and cheerful at the end of the year, heehee :)
    I plan to maximize their use!

    Hello Teresa -- great tip, thanks for sharing!


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