30 May 2012

Charm for the Arm

I hope you are having a fabulous week, everyone!

 I'm turning old watches from blah to TADA! 

Today, I'm using elastic string and a bunch of 
beads to give a lift to this blah watch face. 

TADA! A cute cuff that's also a watch. 
A two-in-one special!    

Here's what it looks like at the back. 

To make one, insert a piece of elastic on the watch (on that little bar where leather straps are attached). Make several tight knots on the elastic and string on the beads. Determine how tight you want the cuff to be by measuring the elastic on your wrist. Connect the tail of the elastic to the other end of the watch and make several tight knots. Make as many rows of beads as you'd like.

Even if you wear this alone, it's enough to accessorize 
an outfit and add a punch of color. 


  1. Hi Claire: I love what you are doing with your blah watches! I have a watch that's just waiting for a new stretchy watch band. Do you mind sharing your favorite type of elastic? I have seen Stretch Magic clear elastic thread (in various thicknesses) and also an elastic beading thread that comes in white and black. What kind do you prefer?

  2. Thank for your visit Lily! I'm glad this project sparked some excitement :) The elastic that I have is a clear one. I'm afraid it has no brand -- it was a generic brand I found at a craft store and I'm pretty happy with it. Maybe you can get a thicker one if your watch face is heavy. Also consider the hole size of the beads. Happy crafting!


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