23 May 2012

Storage Solution

Do you like to shop on-line?

If you do, maybe a box like this one looks familiar. To turn it from blah to TADA!, I would collapse it and store it in a closet. When it's time to send a package, I take the box out of hiding, and re-use it for mailing.

 But today, I have another idea. I'm turning this box into a cute storage solution.

Here's another blah that I'm using for my project. It's a picnic mat that has been used and abused, on grass and on sand. It's seen better days. Right now, it's ripped at the seams.

I could send it to early retirement, but hey, it deserves a little TADA! time. So I've cut it up into strips.

 I'll treat it like fabric and wrap it around my box.

 Attach the trimmed mat to the box with hot glue.

 Looking good already.

 I added an inner lining made from a dish cloth, 
sewn at the edges. TADA!

 Who would guess that this was once a blah packaging box?

I'm ready to use this box in different ways:

  • Kitchen: to organize deli containers & matching lids
  • Bathroom: to hold rolls of toilet paper or hair primping supplies (ex. hair dryer, curling iron, hair brushes, hair spray, headbands)
  • Closet: to keep small items like socks, scarves or winter gloves together
  • Laundry: a place to temporarily store items that need mending
  • Office: an "in box" to hold mail that needs attention

Now that I have many uses for this box, I think I'll make a few more!


  1. Thank you soooo much for this!!!

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff online, and I have these leftover boxes that I wonder if I can put to any good use!!! I am going to try this today! :D YAY!

  2. Great idea! Looks lovely and you can get it in all sorts of sizes. Will have a go at it I'm sure.

  3. Thanks for dropping by today Annie and Hannelore! Have fun crafting and organizing! :)

  4. What a fabulous, simple solution! I can't believe it's a plain old box! Great job!!
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. This is amazing! I knew I saved these boxes for a reason. Right now I'm using it as a little table for my daughter by placing one of her small blankets on top. I would like to try this idea one day :)

  6. Thanks Vic! Recycling any kind of box is always TADA! :)

  7. Now I have a great idea on how to store the flip-flops I keep tripping over in my bedroom. Thanks Claire!

  8. Hi Anonymous (I wish I knew your name)! I'm happy to have shared this idea! Thanks for your comment :)


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