25 May 2012

Metal Labels

Hello and Happy Friday! As you know by now, I like to rescue even the ugliest of boxes. Just imagine when I come across beautiful ones!

Like these for instance. The one on top was a stationery box and the one on the bottom, a gift box from Victoria Secret. I adore the happy pink palette. They're made of hard cardboard, making them ideal candidates for blah to TADA! 

Not that they need a major make-over, just an accessory.

I found this at Staples.

A pack contains 6 adhesive metallic bookplates with corresponding paper inserts. They're simple to use, just attach:

TADA! Don't they look pretty AND smart?

You can fill them with odds and ends and 
instantly know what's inside.

Have an incredible weekend!


  1. Thank you Claire for all the 'boxy ideas' this week..I've already earmarked some. Have yourself a wonderful weekend as you dream up more crafts:)

  2. So wonderful to hear from you Betty! Please have a happy Memorial Day weekend, too! :)


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