22 May 2012

Party in a Box

This week, I'm turning empty boxes from blah to TADA!

Today, I'm shining the spotlight on this flat box with a plastic lid. It once contained holiday gift tags from Ikea. Now that it's empty, it's looking blah. But not for long!

It's now a birthday box. TADA!

I made a label from paper cut-outs and rubber stamps. I attached this to the clear box cover with glue. I also covered the inside of the box with a stripe-print paper. 

 I filled the box with a few supplies that a birthday 
party can't do without.

 A festive noisemaker, some balloons, confetti, 
and a birthday candle.

I also made a miniature bunting using string and shapes punched out from old security envelopes. TADA!

This birthday box can be mailed to a dear friend as an interactive gift or greeting card.

 If you're feeling extra generous, throw in a cupcake, too.

Then the recipient can set this up on his/her office desk for well-deserved VIP treatment!

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