28 May 2012

Lots of Time

Happy Monday! And to all of us living in the U.S., 
a Happy Memorial Day!

Look what I found in one of my drawers -- a bunch of watches. If they could translate to more time for you and me, wouldn't that be TADA!? Sadly, they don't. The batteries need to be replaced, and the straps have turned ratty, fading and chipping because of, what else, time.  So let's see how we can give each one new life.

 blah: a silver watch that I wore during my university 
years. It once had a brown braided leather strap.

TADA!: I added the watch face as one of the charms 
on this dangly bracelet. 

I love me an adorable charm bracelet, as seen in this post, this post and this one. A charm bracelet is a fun accessory and it now serves a purpose by providing me with the time.

It works as a conversation starter, too. I can tell you that each charm represents the things I love: imagination (unicorn), nature (leaves and flowers), passion (hearts), and safety (home).  

And because I found some inexpensive letter charms, I used them to spell out my name (or use the initials of your family members as an alternative). All the charms (including the watch face) were attached to the chain with jump rings and a pair of pliers. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. What an imaginative and pretty idea this is! I'm very impressed with your clever idea.


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