23 July 2013

A Hostess Present

When invited to someone's home for a dinner party or backyard barbecue, it's always TADA! to bring a hostess present. It's a thoughtful gesture that says, "Thanks for the invitation."

I like to give something that's unique and useful. It also helps to tailor-fit the gift to the hosts -- do their tastes lean towards modern or traditional? Do they like mellow colors or bright hues? Without asking them, you'll find your answers by observation -- how they dress, or if you've been invited to their home before, how they decorate.

I found these wooden serving spoons from my travels. They're beautifully crafted with a mother of pearl accent at the edges. They're ideal for a couple who love to cook and entertain.

Instead of wrapping them, I just used some yarn and pompoms to dress them up.

The pompoms can be purchased at a craft store or you can easily make them yourself.

Attach a handwritten note and TADA!, you've got yourself a hostess present!

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