29 July 2013


I found this powerful quote about creativity on Pinterest :

I bet a lot of us can relate to what Mr. MacLeod is saying. I certainly can. Creativity, whether we are pursuing it or still trying to find it, usually takes a backseat as we deal with everyday life -- getting good grades, paying the bills, raising the kids. But we crave it. We need it as a means of self expression.

This week on the blog, let's explore ways on how to be more creative. After all, creativity is turning blah into TADA!


  1. so true..
    i so often find myself talking over my son's crayons when he seems less that interested.

  2. Hi Hena! Thanks for visiting. I agree with the crayons -- I think all adults should have crayons and a coloring book stashed in their desk. It's a good stress-reliever. Instead of a coffee break, take a coloring break! :)


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