16 July 2013

Photo Booths are Tada!

When planning the layout for a party, why not include a "photo booth"? It's an area where groups can gather for posterity shots, and a fun excuse to use the props we made yesterday.

To dress up this section of the party space, here are a few ideas:

via Green Wedding Shoes
A blackboard backdrop is a simple way to remember the day. Have extra chalk on hand to write sweet notes or silly messages.

via Ruffled
A dreamy flower arch made of coffee filters can dress up a plain white wall. Find out how to make one here.

via Wedding Bee
Craft a curtain out of ribbon or strips of fabric. I recommend material that has some weight to it, as opposed to crepe paper or tissue paper stands, especially if this will be placed outdoors. Paper will be too delicate for wind or a light drizzle.

via Style Me Pretty
Wallpaper or a large piece of fabric tacked to the wall instantly defines a photo space.

via dropitmodern.com
Or purchase these special photo backgrounds in super cute prints if you throw a lot of parties.

If you're on a budget, read this for blah to TADA! ways to dress up a photo booth.

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