08 July 2013

DIY Gift Tags

Thank you for your visit today! This week, let's make gift tags.

I was inspired to make some when I found a package of these Martha Stewart manila tags at Staples

It comes in a pack of six and they were on clearance for only 50 cents a pack. Woot! Woot! 

Now, if you can't get them in your area, they're super easy to make:

All you need are cardboard and basic supplies. 

Cut them in your desired size and shape. 

This is optional, only if you want them to look like typical manila tags: embellish with a sticker label {or scrap paper}. Make a hole in the center with a punch.

Then tie on some twine or ribbon remnants and you've got yourself some handsome manila tags. TADA!

Stop by everyday this week to see how they can be transformed from blah to TADA!

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