17 July 2013

Printed Party Decor

It's all about party ideas on the blog this week.

Remember when I made printed paper out of bubbles and food color? It thought this was perfect to wrap a gift. Today, I'm using it to make an easy party decoration.

You are very welcome to use any kind of paper. In case you're wondering, the size of this sheet is 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches.

 Next, cut the paper into strips.

Take three strips, lay them on top of each other to form an asterisk. Apply glue to where the strips intersect.

Allow the ends to meet at the top, gluing them to each other as you go along. A ball like this one will be formed once done.

Make at least 10 balls. Sew or staple these to a long piece of string. Then hang them overhead in your party space. TADA!

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