09 December 2013

Christmas Time in the City

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend was restful. Some snow arrived last night and that only added to my anticipation of Christmas.

While the holidays bring a lot of stress and a never ending checklist, I allow myself to spend a few hours around New York City to marvel at the holiday lights. 

My first stop: Macy's on 34th Street.

On this particular evening, I was able to catch an outdoor movie featuring "The Miracle on 34th Street".

As with the past years, the holiday theme of Macy's is "Believe".

"Believe" appears in many parts of the store.

This meter moves from "Imagine" to "Believe"...

...Depending on the letters left for Santa Claus.

Let's walk around the store, shall we?

We'll make it to the top floor on this historic wooden escalator.

Welcome to the Holiday Lane! I love to find inspiration here.

There are Santas in every shape and color.

As well as an Elf on the Shelf.

These are "Kissing Crystals", a modern take on the mistletoe.

Of course there are lots of ornaments...

...And festive trees! If you can stop by tomorrow, I'll show you some of my favorite ones.

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